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Have you ever been interested in helping out SCG? There's plenty of ways you can help out! The biggest thing is if you'd like to contribute some cash to the cause every now and then! But if you can't do that, there's also some random tasks that can help out a ton, check those out!

September fundraising progress


of $145.00

It takes a lot of money to keep SCG running! And I don't mind spending it, I normally pay it from my pocket with what money I can harvest from the American job force. But donations are always welcome, and ALWAYS appreciated. In these hard times, I understand that money is really tight and that it's hard to give it away, so I try and do my best to make SCG a fun place worth investing in.

Don't feel like you need to toss a lot to make things worth it either, counting for paypal feels the least to give would be like, 2 dollars. If everyone in SCG gave 2 dollars, after paypal fees, there'd be enough money left over to support the group for months.

Donator benefits are just some extra perks we give to those who choose to donate, and they're only cosmetic, I never want to ruin the atmosphere with a pay to win attitude.


Questions / Answers | SCG Donator Group! | SCG Donator Channel! | Benefits! | Donate!

Questions / Answers

Q: How long do donation benefits last?

Forever, I don't remove them anymore. You don't have to give continued donations, but I don't mind them!

Q: What is the minimum I can donate?

A dollar! Only because paypal will tax it no matter what any anything lower just gets eaten up! Otherwise it's a matter of how much you want, any amount helps, no matter what.

Q: Can I donate games / Tf2 Items?

Normally I'll accept a game if it's one I'm interested in hosting servers for, that way I don't use money I was planning on spending money anyway. However games can also be donated to the community as a whole to use in raffles and etc! Free or really common cheaps things (Like Portal, Dota II invites) are hard to get rid of, so stuff like that, nope! Tf2 items in general I won't take in place of a legit donation, I don't trust myself with hats, I have a crafting problem.

Q: How does the money we donate get used?

I have a comprehensive look at how we use our money here!

Q: How does donating help SCG?

SCG being donation driven keeps it ad free, helps pay for developement of new projects and more time to get minor work done.

The SCG Donator Group!

The SCG Donator group was founded on June 22nd 2012 in order to allow an easier way to load in custom donation benefits. The added bonus is that any thing granted via the group is permanent... unless if you decide to leave.

The group can be found here. If you've donated before and you're not in the group, please let one of the admins know! We want to get everyone in but we've missed a few names.

The SCG Donator Channel!

For all donators, there is also a special room on the SCG Discord for donators. In this channel, you will see current updates, pictures, and first look at some inner projects going on inside of SCG.

Anything shown here will eventually be shared with the entire group, so while it isn't 'exclusive', it's still an early look at what your donations are paying for.

Note: This feature was added on April 10th, 2017. We totally may have missed some people since I don't have access to everyone's discord names. If you have donated at any point in the past but do not have access to the donator channel, please contact Rowdy right away!


Benefit Explaination
Custom join messages Let the server know when you're on with some witty chat message! As well as an on screen overlay message!
Custom join messages Let the server know when you're on with some witty chat message! As well as an on screen overlay message!

So you'd like to send us a few dollars? I accept payments through Paypal, Square, or via my Patreon below!
Make sure you include a Steam ID or a valid email so that I may get in contact with you afterwards!


Donate with Paypal

Square Cash

Uh this is new, but I also take money from Square Cash now? If you want to use that, my link is$rowedahelicon

Make sure you leave a note with your steam account and or email so I can find you after!


Patreon Logo I also have an account with Patreon, where you can help support me in general along with SCG. By providing a small monthly contribution, you'll allow me the chance to do more with my time such as explore artwork, programming, and other designs. This benefits SCG with free time to put into research into new toys / program new things.


I also do artwork!

Another way of contributing is to purchase artwork from me! I love drawing, and the more art I do the more exposure I can get. I work pretty fast and do a lot of different things, I even do a lot of the art for SCG in general!

You can find my gallery of work here on my Weasyl!

Assorted tasks
Help find missing map icons!

When strolling around on The servers page , you may notice under the more info section there is an option to view map lists. Each map list has icons of every map in it.

Some of them are missing, if you spot one that is missing and have some free time, could you make one and email to [email protected] or post in the thread here : ( 220 x 123 pixels in a .gif format, label it as the map nap e.g. cp_egypt_final.gif )

A page has been put up to show all of the missing map icons! Here it is.