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Welcome to SCG
  • Global Rules
    • 1. cheats of any sort or abuse exploits and bugs!
    • 2. Don't spam advertisements including other groups / servers, trade spams, non related websites.
    • 3. Don't post links to any illegal files, tools, websites without prior permission.
    • 4. Offensive language including racism / sexism is okay within reason, but targeted at a specific person non jokingly is not.
    • 5. Discussion of sexual topics are okay within reason, but too much puts people off, don't turn the group into a SL sim!
    • 6. RP in small amounts is fine, but keep it short and keep it clean.
    • 7. Trolling, griefing, rude behavior to anyone in the group for none other than being an asshole will not be tolerated. (We know the difference between joking around and being a dick.)
    • 8. You must be 18 or older to be in the group at all. Anyone under this will be asked to leave until they are of age. Special cases have been made to folk as early as 16 if they can conduct themselves maturely.
    • 9. Don't play backseat Admin, if there is something you feel needs to be addressed, person or bug or problem, come let us know right away!
    • 10. We reserve the right to gag / mute / ban / remove anyone we feel is a danger to the group's integrity / morale. We judge this based on USER INPUT, we don't jump to conclusion without discussion.
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Gameplay
    • Spawn camping is not against the rules on all general servers due to spawn protection / multiple exits. If you think a map has too short or long a spawn protection time, let us know!
    • When using the report robot, the !report command, you message every online Admin. If you plan to report someone, make sure the reason is LEGIT. Crying wolf over and over will get really annoying and we will remove you for doing so.If it's a harmless accident, it's all good. We get people who do it on their friends for stupid reasons.
    • Porn sprays are fine, and most fetishes as well. If you don't like a spray then don't look at it.
    • Fetish sprays that can be seen as "disgusting" are asked to be removed, this cover things like scat.
    • Illegal sprays include anything illegal as dictated by the U.S. law, this is CP, Beastiality, Guro and Irl Rape.
    • Irl sprays are okay, but irl porn is not for legal reasons
    • Spraying over someone else's spray isn't against the rules. It can be seen as a dick move, but we're not going to ban anyone for it.
    • If you play a clip or a song, make sure it's in good quality. If the sound is too high, it'll become scratchy and is really annoying to hear. There are plenty of guides on how to do this properly.
    • Please switch up your material. It's generally annoying to hear the same thing over and over and over several times per match.
    • Be respectful of others, if you can tell everyone is playing a serious game and they're all talking with each other, that isn't the best time to play music.
    • Don't play over each other. I'm sure that one is really a given.
    • Team-stacking is against the rules as it causes gameplay issues.
    • In addition, trying to predict a team's victory / failure based on the team comp is considered bad sportsmanship and we may kick for it.
    • Leaving the server to clear your dominations / try and switch teams with unbalance is also against the rules.
    • Calling out a player for their choice of weaponry is against the rules, we do not change stats or ban weapons, visit a server that does if you have a problem with a particular item.
    • "Friendly" players aren't allowed if you're throwing your team down a player by doing so.
    • Don't get discouraged if you're not doing well, and don't get upset if people offer to help. The goal is to have fun, and you can still improve while doing so.
  • Minecraft
    • Don't build in areas you know are owned by other people without asking for permission.
    • Don't steal items from players without asking, we will find you, and you will be banned.
    • General griefing things like setting fire to places, exploding houses, whatnot. You will be banned.
    • Have fun! If you were blown up by a creeper or something and you're a little on edge. No need to sweat it; just take some time to relax.
  • Group chat (Steam)
    • Don't spam the chat with emotions please!
    • If you're afk and your connection is bad, you will wind up spamming the chatroom with connect / disconnect messages. If that happens, for the sake of spam we will kick you! This is not a punishment, this is just us trying to keep the chatroom spam free! You're welcome to rejoin at any time!
    • NSFW links must be tagged with NSFW.
  • Group chat (Discord)
    • Don't spam the chat with emojis please!
    • Keep conversations on topic in the board you're talking in, when it doubt, use #general or #funposting_general!
    • NSFW links must be tagged with NSFW, in addition, they must be put between "<>" like so <>
    • Don't post ads unless you have permission to do so!