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Don't Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game Don't Starve.
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About the server : Bulletin board, About the pack, Commands

Because of the ever so popularity of the original game, Don't Starve, as well as the number of SCG admins who personally enjoys the game it was only natural that we'd setup a server for Don't Starve Together!

  • Player count : 20
  • Mode : Endless
  • Character mods : TBD
Bulletin Board

  • Bugs

  • Things we need

  • More wood

Admin Steam Discord
Rowedahelicon rowedahelicon Rowedahelicon#7935
Thunder Rahja thunder1 Thunder Rahja#4634
About the pack
DST Image

The SCG DST modpack is a collection of carefully chosen mods to help make the DST server fun and balanced to play on, mostly consisting of gameplay tweaks and minor fixings to help better the experience!

SCG DST Official Modpack


Command Details
/rescue If you somehow wind up in water, use this command!
c_connect("IP address", port, "password") Join the server, console command
c_connect("", 10999) Same command, just made easier for you!