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- If you're looking to overturn a ban, do not contact any specific admin, instead contest your ban on our forums here.

- If you're looking to report an admin / member or player for abuse, please check this guide on how to do so!

- Remember: To call an admin in TF2 right away, please use the !report command, it sends a steam message to all online admins!
SCG Staff
admin icon Axyz
Minecraft Admin
admin icon Evicted
Team Fortress 2 Admin
admin icon Herakilla
Minecraft Head Admin
admin icon Hoosk
Chatroom Head Admin , Global Admin
admin icon Jon
Team Fortress 2 Admin
admin icon Kingaroo
Chatroom Admin
admin icon Metka Fennec
Team Fortress 2 Admin
admin icon Rowedahelicon
Founder / TF2 Head Admin / Tech lead
admin icon Signum
Team Fortress 2 Admin
admin icon Silver Dragon
Chatroom Admin
admin icon Tellahleiah
Team Fortress 2 Admin / TF2 Tech
admin icon Thunder Rahja
Don't Starve Together Head Admin
admin icon Vapor
Team Fortress 2 Admin
SCG Support Staff
admin icon Artemus
SCG Security
admin icon Poe Stallmann
SCG Mailman